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Letter From the President

Dear viewer, 


Welcome to the GYP Speech & Debate Club website. On this website, we hope to showcase and highlight the various initiatives and programs that we’ve embarked on to fulfill our mission of spreading debate to youth all over the world. As a child, I was fortunate to come from a family that was able to afford the high tuition costs and bear the large time commitment required to make me a high-level debater. However, as I grew older, I realized how these barriers prevented many young people from entering a world of learning, confidence, and growth. In my school debate club and at my job teaching debate at one of Canada’s finest debate institutions, I noticed how difficult it was to get a foot in the door and enjoy debate and I wanted to change that. Using my own passion for debate, I decided to start this club in collaboration with the registered non-profit organization Global Youth Philanthropy (GYP) to spread my love for debate to others that might not be able to access debate. This club seeks to offer easy, online, and affordable debate lessons and guidance to youth, allowing participants to raise their voices to raise awareness for important issues, right the wrongs of their pasts, and climb the social ladder. Through our weekly meetings and various events, such as hosting debate tournaments and special summer camps, we’ve been able to reach over 100 youth from eight countries and have raised over $15,000 for various causes involving children across the globe, from Cambodia to Haiti, Liberia. On behalf of the entire club, I hope that you join us in our mission to spread debate and its benefits to as many youth as possible, either by donating to sponsor a child or by joining our club to learn and improve instrumental skills that will prove useful throughout your life – not just in the debate world.


Ryan Li

Founder & President, GYP Speech and Debate Club

Who Are We?

 GYP Debate & Speech Club is an organization devoted to spreading the art of debate to youth all across the world.
Our weekly meetings provide students of all abilities a fun way of developing their oratory skills. The club uses different activities and classroom strategies to help students develop their critical thinking and confident communication skills. We meet every Friday evening for debate lessons and mock debate practices. Students of all levels are welcome to join.

To sign up, please contact

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Join our club!
Make an impact!

Our Story

The "GYP Speech and Debate Club,"  sponsored by Global Youth Philanthropy (GYP), was founded by Ryan Li in July 2022. The club aims to provide a platform for young people who love public speaking and debate around the world to learn and progress together. In the club, members learn and discuss topics such as debate, current events, and study skills. Weekly meetings help members expand their knowledge while simultaneously raising awareness of real-world issues and meeting like-minded friends. Interested youth are welcome to sign up and join!

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Why Should You Join Us?

1. Engage in debates with and/or against world-renowned debaters
2. Have the opportunity to deliver debate lessons to other youth to reinforce understanding
3. Improve skills relevant to social science courses such as social studies and English
4. Gain new knowledge and learn about new perspectives
5. Make new friends 
6. Prepare for un
iversity by learning important skills

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