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GYP Debate Club

MISSION: Assist youth in learning invaluable skills for their future schools, workplaces, and lives.


Accessible Debating Platform

Welcome Speech

Founded in July 2022, GYP Debate & Speech Club is dedicated to breaking down the barriers of entry to debate and public speaking to allow every child to be prepared for presentations, interviews, and conversations. Having reached over 100 students from eight countries and raised over $15,000 for youth in Cambodia, Liberia and Haiti, we are now an international organization with executive members from three countries who are ready to spread our love of debate to the rest of the world.

Our Vision

Affordable & Accessible Debate For All

Our Values

In our club, we believe:

  • Speaking is power

  • Critical thinking makes you a better citizen

  • Participation is learning

  • Cooperation is key

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